After I died, I developed a whole new appreciation for life.   Surviving a stroke will do that to a person. I loved to sing;  Motown, the blues, and jazz.   But I became aphasic.  For months, I couldn’t speak, or I spoke so haltingly that I was embarrassed to open my mouth.  Those days are past me now.  I’m intellectually alive.  But still physically paralyzed.

I’m a retired psychotherapist;  a good friend to men, who appreciates women.  A family man.  A student of life.   I’ve been married to the same woman since I was a boy…I’m 67 now.  But still a boy; wondering.  If you find me here, say “Hello”.  My journey may interest you.  For me,  it’s been transformational!



26 thoughts on “About

    1. I;m following your blog with interest. My training was in Gestalt therapy. But my personal shrink is … what, neo-Freudian? With her for decades! She enriches my life immeasurably. AND she still zings me when I need it. Cool, very cool!

      Kohut talks about mirroring. She mirrors me well. And she’s literate! Good liberal arts foundations. Where ever I go, I find her there. Good transference, n’est pas?

      I see you aspire to the same goals. “Proud to have you aboard” [, Ahab intoned, grisly.]

    1. Hey, Cassalita!!

      A physical therapist was the the first to help me out of my doldrums. I would curse and scream at her and we had fun saying FUCK YOU to each other. I made her life miserable. And she gave it right back to me. That kind of friendship is priceless.

  1. I was impressed with the passion of your life. Hopefully, you will not only spur enthusiasm for life, but also find meaning in life (including the meaning of death), before the actual death came to pick up (because of all the living, one day sure to meet death). regards

  2. You write well. I like your sense of humor, and juxtaposition of ordinary and unexpected. A very rare breed in this blog world – after reading a few of WP blogs I had decided to stick to picture blogs but your writing gave me strength to have a hope.

    1. Sorry, but your letter got stuck in my spam filter. Along with all the other ingredients of the Spam musubi hors d’oeuvres I’d been making.

      Spam Musubi? Its a slice of grilled Spam on top of a block of rice, wrapped together with nori dried seaweed. Do you starving British students thrive on it as well as the students in Hawaii, where it is commonly found in convenience stores all over The Islands? Just a question I’ve been pondering since my fridge went kaplooie during the recent blackout.

      Oh. You haven’t heard about what’s been happening in Kaplooie? The little-known coral reef just south-east of Maui?


      But the fact is that I was always playing with words since I was a boy. My mom was like that too. She and I would tag-team my dad, who was loving but a bit pedantic.

      But I’m getting way ahead of myself. I’ll probably have to start writing again. To get some product for you to peruse. So here goes.

      Hope our “produce” is fruitful.


  3. Enjoy your blog much and appreciate what you share here about yourself.

    I just noticed an email – possibly from you – “You can call me Ishmael, but my real name is Jonah.” There’s a message on it saying “This may not have been sent by: taxi.dogg …. Report phishing” …

    So is it from you or is it “phishing” … Let me know. If it’s really you, then please email me at jamiededes@gmail.com and we can “talk more” about your idea.

    Thanks! and thanks for the quality content of your blog.

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