Hey; I’m Over There Now… … …

Check out my new blog; now under construction at A League of Greying Panthers.

While many things about my life have changed, I’m back to old Taxi Dog optimism and good cheer.  I’m living in an assisted living residence.  It’s a big adjustment, and I am writing about it:  the good, the bad, and the very ugly.  But my sense of humor is intact.

I’ll see you over there.

Bye for now.



4 thoughts on “Hey; I’m Over There Now… … …

  1. May 2016 bring you all you need, and may your optimism and humour never flag. Looking forward to finding out more about your Grey League (we have one in Switzerland, too – called Grisons, Graubünden and Grischuna in our various national languages).

    1. What a year! And it’s just August 2nd in an election year: one which I’m not looking forward to, one with it’s deafening furor that defies rational discussion. One man who pretends to be a madman, although he may be The Jester With The Angry Face versus one woman who thinks ‘Yahoo’ is what you call a person from the MidWest. (Or am I confusing you with my ‘American-isms’?) (No. I’m just testing my ability to write coherently, after I tell you where I’ve been these many months)

      I’ve been in a worse Hell than I’ve been, and recovered once again, although I am exhausted from the effort. (Is my life really so dramatic, or am I… … …well, both, I think.) You can be the judge, and you don’t have to tell me your verdict.

      This is the first time I’ve blogged in months. I forgot how exhausting it is for me. It’s not fair of me to build up the suspense and leave you with a half-told story, but I’m very, verrrry, VERY tired already, so forgive me but; goodnight. All is well for the moment. A` chaque jour suffit sa peine. (N’est pas “Google Traduisent” une merveilleuse chose?)

  2. Thank you for making the effort to reply at such length. All my sympathy, not only for your “peine+ but also for being in the political quandary that must be driving intelligent Americans insane. Glad you still have enough health and strength to be able to rant against it, and may some good come out of it.

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