Quickly I turned… … ….

The T-dog is down. My life has changed so quickly… … ….. I can’t find witty metaphors. A series of calamities. I’m tired. Too tired to write. But this journal is my road to health. I know who I once was. I’ll build it again. But for now, perhaps ro dream.


3 thoughts on “Quickly I turned… … ….

    1. I wish I could give yu a better report. I never wanted to be a blogger of ‘depression’ but financial problems, and my wife’s health, as well as my on health issues keep me anxious and depressed. I doing my best, treading water as it were.
      Glad to know you’re still here on WP. Keep in touch.

      1. My mother has just turned 99 and was asked what she had done to live so long. She said: Don’t stop breathing! Dum spiro spero TD – sending you “good vibes” xx

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