Has It Been Six Weeks?

It seems like six months. Since I’ve written you. And I hate to complain. But its the pain. 4:12 AM. Four increments of sleep from midnight to now. Not acute pain. I’ve HAD acute pain in the past. Sit along the bed in my wheelchair, rocking back and forth, slowly, like praying (‘davening’; like the old Orthodox Jews at Yom Kipoor, lost in a different painful orthodoxy) for relief. Thanks God its not that kind of pain. Not now. Now its the kind of pain that one has to concentrate upon, meditate upon:  counting one’s breaths, twelve at a time: one… … …and two… … …and three… … …and four… … …and five… … …(what was that phone number I was supposed to remember when I woke up in the mor… … …shit!!)… … …one… … …two… … …three… … …four… … …(“Little Boy Blue”, that old Johnny Mathis hit. What was the last line? And now I can’t get it out of my head!! “Going out of my head, over you-oo, night and day, over you-oo” Night and day; was that Cole Porter or Ira Gershwin Porgy and Bess is starting at the Music Center next week can I afford tickets have to check my checking account… … …shit!!)one… … …two… … …three… … …four… … ….

Where was I?

—   —   —

No, not that kind of pain.

But NOW; now I can sleep!!


Maybe I’ll write more in the morning.


4 thoughts on “Has It Been Six Weeks?

  1. Commiserations, TD – “com” means sharing your misery at your private wailing wall. Hope this will soon pass. And that you get to see Porgy and Bess. Hugs.

    1. ““com” means sharing your misery”?
      Sorry; I don’t understand. I don’t know what this blog really ‘s suppose to be so some days its my wailing in the wilderness and some days its an indication of the ultimate meaninglessness of life and some days its The Blues and some days its Gospel. But I do have to write more regularly. As soon as I can, I promise to perseverate (sic) until something comes out. The real question is: out of which orifice will it come. ????

      1. sorry – I mean the prefix “com” = with, thus by extension commiseration = “with you in your misery.”. .I can only wish you comfort and consolation. Does it matter which orifice, as long as it comes out??

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