Zen Jurisprudence

As the Buddhist lawyer said,

A journey of a thousand miles begins with…   …   … a little slip and fall.

That little quip just kinda popped into my brain and I thought I’d use it to fill space in a bored writer’s weekend.  Nah hah!!  No such luck!  So now I have to tell you the whole story.

Sometimes, in my punny madness, I ‘google’ random word combinations.  Too much free time on my hands, I guess.  “Okay”, I thought, “I wonder if anyone else has used the phrase ‘zen jurisprudence’.  Let’s check”.  So I checked; and found this:   in the serendipity folder…   …   …of The Manila Times!

—   —   —

Friday, May 12, 2006

Mystic Dwarves and Jurisprudence

Just when you think you’ve heard or seen it all, comes….

Mystic Dwarves Did Not Warn Judge He Would Be Fired

MANILA (May 3) – A Philippine judge who claimed he could see into the future and admitted consulting imaginary mystic dwarfs has asked for his job back after being fired by the country’s Supreme Court.

“They should not have dismissed me for what I believed,” Florentino Floro, a trial judge in the capital’s Malabon northern suburb, told reporters after filing his appeal.

Floro was sacked last month and fined $780 after a three-year investigation found he was incompetent, had shown bias in a case he was trying and had criticized court procedure, a ruling showed.

He told investigators that three mystic dwarfs — Armand, Luis and Angel — helped him carry out healing sessions during breaks in his chambers.

The Supreme Court said it was not within its expertise to conclude that Floro was insane, but agreed with the court clinic’s finding that he was suffering from psychosis.

—   —   —

Think that’s the end of the story?  Then read on… … ….

It seems the ‘ever-vigilant’ Judge Florentino really cares about his reputation with the Mystic Dwarf Liberation Front and writes the following to the Portland, OR, housewife-blogger, again, below:

At 4:36 AM, Blogger Judge Florentino V. Floro, Jr. said…

Freedom of Religion in Philippine Judiciary

Just sayin hello, and Thanks for writing on my case. I deeply appreciate that I had been known in the far, far other side of our world. May I please AIR MY SIDE to your reports.

California Justice William Bedsworth and San Francisco prominent lawyer Kevin Underhill wrote on this:




I am Judge Florentino V. Floro, Jr. (a Regional Trial Court Judge of Br. 73, Malabon, NCJR, Metro Manila, REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES). My physical address is 123 Dahlia, Alido, Malolos, 3000 Bulacan, Philippines. My E-mail Address is:
judge_florentino_v_floro@yahoo.com; my telephone number is (044) 662-82-03, digitel, Philippines.

In today’s broken world of materialism, atheism, skepticism, pure science and Satanism, man’s continuous search for truth and justice, the ONE, TRUE, GOOD and the BEAUTIFUL, for Hope, is endless. Because of the transcendental and spiritual value of the Gifts of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy (Corinthians, St. Paul), may I please share with you my true-to-life endowment of these TWIN gifts from the AMEN, the Faithful and True, the King of Peace, the Highest Priest according to the Order of Melchisedeck, The Alpha & Omega, the King of Judges, Magistrates, gods and of our hears.

May I share with you my documentary on the subject:
The Philippine “HEALING / PSYCHIC JUDGE” – 70 minutes Philippine Television Documentary uploaded on http://www.youtube.com — type judge floro, in the upper search and click/enter; or just click the following:


Judge Florentino V. Floro Jr., “Healing Judge” Part 1 of 6 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wECTKjkkZLs&search=judge%20floro

On April 6, 2006, the Philippine Supreme Court RELIEVED (separated – it did not dismiss) me from judicial service, and paid me 3 years backwages, by reason of PSYCHOSIS, a medical incapacity – because I allegedly believed in dwarves, angel of death, inflicting sicknesses, healing, prophecy, psychic phenomena and (in writing) predicted the downfall of 13th Philippine President Joseph Estrada (on December, 1998) who was ousted by people power on January 20, 2001.
[Vide: Court Decision penned by M. Justice Minita Viray-Chico Nazario, 75 pages, March 31, 2006 in: A.M. No. RTJ-99-1460 http://www.supremecourt.gov.ph/jurisprudence/2006/mar2006/A.M.%20No.%20RTJ-99-1460.htm.

TRUTH: I never used the word “DWARVES” in any DECISION, and I never consulted any imaginary dwarf to pen my decisions; my detractors submitted these false evidence or lies to replace me with their political candidate; what I do believe in is: a) in the so-called (my) SPIRIT GUIDES or PROTECTORS: LUIS, is the KING OF ALL KINGS of ELEMENTALS/spirits worldwide (I opine due to his lights, violet and white); and b) he is GOD’s ANGEL (Genesis, Exodus, etc.) – what St. Paul teaches: Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Prophecy and Spiritual Healing. I am GIFTED; I never tried to develop my psychic powers, since these are God’s GIFTs to me – TO HEAL and TO PROPHESY.


Judge Floro

So here’s my question:  Who should I call first?  My step-brother, the ace public defender?  Or my natural brother, who’s as mad as The Hatter?  ‘Cause it seems to me The Judge is bonkers!!

So in your best Buddhist manner, please meditate on this over the weekend, and get back to me as soon as you can.  Obviously I’ll need some advice.  But from whom?


And Finally…   …   …what does “THE VESTERVAG” have to do with anything!!


3 thoughts on “Zen Jurisprudence

  1. Wonderful – but really, NO DWARVES? Is he really any more bonkers than so many other gentlemen holding high office in various parts of the world, who are actually causing so much destruction and devastation on a much greater scale? Give me this Judge any time over the President of Syria … Thank you, TD, for this.

    1. At first I thought you were making a rant about MEN!! Last I knew, I was one of those beasts. But I applaud your taking a stand for the Syrian rebels. Sometimes war is necessary, although it is costly in many ways.

      1. ah – gender language was unintentional! There are probably just as many mad, bad dangerous women at large. I should have said “so many other people”. No – I have no quarrel with men! Some of my best friends are men 🙂

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