The Monomyth: Here and Back Again

The Monomyth:  My Here and Back Again

I realize where my struggles with Life, and Death, are leading me. The classic adventure: The Hero’s Journey. I’ve walked road before. Bilbo‘s road. Frodo‘s road. Their stories are already told. At age 70, once again I go forth. Between “Then” and “Next” is the Great Beyond; from which no one returns.
Frankly, I don’t even know what that means. When I get there… … …and when I get THERE… … …I’ll let you know.

—  If I know how to. —


2 thoughts on “The Monomyth: Here and Back Again

  1. Sometimes it feels as if you’re rollerblading blindfold along the cliff edge – fine until you realize where you are …We can guess how it’s going to turn out but we can never really know the end of the story until we get to the last page. Is it worth spoiling it all by turning to the back of the book?

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