The Bear Days Of Winter

Brrrry Christmas.

Looking back, I realize I started hibernating right after the election.  You lost.  We all lost.

Like a grizzly bear so huge it keeps fighting even while bleeding to death, America may be mortally wounded.  I hope its not that bad.  I’ll continue to hope.  And pray.  Although praying may be a little more difficult in the new administration.

I told my adult children, all in their 40’s, all liberals as I grew them up to be, that its their future and they’ll have to live in it.  I know its a harsh indictment.  Reeks of bitterness.  But I will be 70 years old this year; and its true.  The future belongs to the children.  The GOP was not able to make its case.  Long live the Dems.


The days will start becoming longer.  Brighter. Warmer.  I’m getting restless.  I want to sleep late; avoid the cold wind.  But the creative juices still simmer and stew.  They always do.

I can hear myself starting this New Year at a pace once described by Ferde Grofe‘s ‘Grand Canyon Suite” as “a team of donkeys struggling along a narrow road, under a heavy load”.  Listen to the missteps.  A cold, lonely, high-desert road that Sisyphus took, walking backwards, downhill, in the dark.  Preparing for the “Cloudburst”

Waiting for the “Sunrise”.

Where’s Vivaldi in the “Spring” [click here] when we need him.



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