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Mitt Romney Will Make His Campaign Announcement Via an App says Motherboard magazine

Mitt Romney Will Make His Campaign Announcement Via an App

Posted by Derek_Mead on Tuesday, Jul 31, 2012

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With the narrative of the 2012 presidential race pretty much set in stone — both President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney will ceaselessly hammer each other on the economy, and little else — the biggest question of the summer has been who Romney is going to pick for his running mate. It’s a seriously important question; aside from the fact that a candidate for vice president need be worthy of that title, picking a VP like, say, Marco Rubio could help Romney expand his potential voter base.

So, considering how worked up political pundits are about Romney’s looming pick, you’d expect he’d announce it with some modicum of gravitas, right? Well, hot on the heels of the ‘revelation’ that smartphone voters are a very important bloc, Romney’s decided to announce the biggest potential game changer this race via a smartphone app.

Apparently, the app (called Mitt’s VP) guarantees that users will receive notification of the pick before the press thanks by shoving push notification down your throat. It also hooks you up with a “Follow Romney on Twitter” button and a link to donate to Romney’s campaign. Sounds rather bland, and certainly doesn’t have the pomp that you’d expect considering the importance of the announcement. But considering Romney’s past forays into campaign apps, I don’t fault him for keeping things simple. And hey, if the White House thing doesn’t work out, maybe Mitt’s marketing skills could mint another exciting tech IPO



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