Meditations On The Ultimate Nothingness

+++++++++ +++++++++ +++++.

+++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++++++ ++++++!!  +++++++++++, ++++++ + ++ +++++++++++++ +++ +++++++++++++?

On the other hand,

So you see, ++++++++!  ++++++++++++ ++ +++++++++.


—–     —–     —–

Ultimately, ++++ + +++, +++++ ++ and ++ +++ +++++++.

And so,

Thanks for nothing.



12 thoughts on “Meditations On The Ultimate Nothingness

  1. Really? I have nothing to say to you, dahling. Nothing.

    Greetings from the Outer Banks of NC, where I am on vacation. Doing….nothing…on a raft in a crystal clear ocean the likes of which I have rarely seen here. Well, I was, until I got too tired and had to come home for my nap, my nothing….


  2. Love this post.

    – Billy Preston’s afro is to die for… yet, it’s nothing but hair!
    – Pissed that Real Simple magazine attempts to commodify the simple life. NOTHING(!) is sacred. NOTHING is not uncomodifiable. I know, I know, double negative…
    – Thinking about how HARD it is for us living in the 21c to actually get to “nothing”… a state of grace, of not thinking, of inner calm. Maybe this has never been easy to do…
    – Really like this PostSecret card from a few months ago: singledamnthings.jpg
    – And an interesting scientific discussion (TED) on nothing:
    – More and more I dream of a shack, oceanside, very minimalist, my sanctuary.
    – So… once enlightenment hits, and the realization that we need an away state… do we choose to stay in “the game”, or…?

    1. I put it on my reading list. I’m using my old windows comp’y. Its slow as icy molasses, but at least it works.

      Now, I’m working on a report for my “religion/science” class.

      Breathless is my middle name.

    1. My computer woes continue. I can SEE the video but cannot HEAR it. Where were LIPS when you need them? Tom and Jerry were funny even if you were from outer space, like Marvin the Martian.

      1. Uh oh… the sound is fine on my Mac. Sigh, I suspect nothingness has infected your PC.
        Sugg you search Ode to Nothingness on YouTube.
        …and have a nice day ;-P raspberry!

      2. There’s a story about Victor Hugo; remember Vic? It’s said that he and who, maybe Dickens[?], made a bet on who could write the shortest sentence… … …those miserly wordsmiths!!

        Hugo won; writing this:


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