Its A Dystopian ‘Macinalia’s That’s Ailin’ Ya!

Damned Rotten Apples

A jaunty ride through The Garden Of Apple has left me with a snake bite to my core.  Days of writing are gone; and my Eve’s, which were Delicious, and often JonaGolden, are dropping to all-time lows.  Worst of all, my computer must have  eaten a “Granny Smith“, because my screen is now a bright…   …   …green!!

Before that,  I lost my ‘finder’. Have you ever lost a finder?  How do you find it if you’ve already lost it? I boggles the imagination.  I tried to find it on Google.  The speaker port laughs at you so loudly, it doubles over in feedback, with high pitched squawking, and daft laughter.

Two and a half days later, plus or minus an ulcer, I discovered that “Forced Quit” was not a anti-labor union slogan, but a computer “COMMAND”!!  And all was well.  Except that I now have that green screen.

Also, there are several things that look like disc drives on my screen that may or not be important, and should or should not be deleted, or ‘trashed’, or downloaded, or spotlighted,  Do I need to get “spot-enlightened”?

In the day, I was computer maven…   …   …of sorts.  I wrote grants through an AMA subsidiary to train foreign medical students; held conferences, trained social workers, and translators; counseled émigré doctors from across southern California to American medicine.  We used this exciting new thing called the internet.  This was in the 1970’s.  When Microsoft was non-existent.  And I chaired the board of a non-profit educational software company which bought computer time from University of Southern California; where we had to connect to our offices through corded telephone handsets, ’cause personal computer time was just in an infantile state.  But now MY screen is GREEN!!  And my face is RED!!  And I’m complaining like a helpless baby.  Whaaaa!!!!  Whaaa!!!  Whaaa!!

My self-imposed injunction against overt whining is OVER!!!  I…AM…ANGRY!!  But anger in an ugly emotion.  Especially if its directed towards people you love.  Especially, my family which encouraged me in this Macinalian endeavor.  Especially when its directed towards yourself.  Anger’s supposed to encourage you towards remedial action.  But, for now, I’m only able to emote!  So, excuuuuse ME!!!

I’ll soothe myself by writing it out.  I become a fierce combatant when I’m frustrated.  I can slash and burn with the best of them.  But ‘slash and burn”-ers are clumsy oafs.  They are easy prey for rapiers and saber-toothed punsters.  Take a breath, Taxi.  Slow down.

Oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ a tune to calm yourself, Taxi.

Don’t think about the computer now.

Instead, get a tablet.

A cuneiform tablet.

—–     —–     —–

Later; much, much later, I find a reset button behind my monitor.  All computers, and most machines of any type, have in their manuals, a phrase that says, “Don’t Press That Button Unless You Know What You’re Doing”.

I press the button!

The screen goes blank.

Colors flash wildly.  To be replaced with a jumpy message that states something like “This process WILL take a long time”.  I go to sleep.  Its 5:17 AM.  I’m re-booting the computer now.

See ya’ later.

—–     —–     —–


5 thoughts on “Its A Dystopian ‘Macinalia’s That’s Ailin’ Ya!

  1. It’s that damned “Learning Curve” all over again… you think you’ve caught up, then SNATCH… they’ve got you by the ovarios!

    Well, Taxi Dog, seeing you have no ovarios (“Ovarios? We got no stinkin’ ovarios!”), you’ll slide ’round that curve, regain control, and be mac-intosh happy in appalachia before you know it. Pssst… lots of good tutorials on YouTube.

    Having negotiated that same LC, rest assured it’ll work out. BTW… I understand only the select, BEST clients get the green screen… you lucky boy, I’m jealous!

    1. You’re laughing at me in your usual way and, in spite of it all, I’m laughing too. Well, I myself don’t need no steenking äggstockar neither… … …neener neener, Girl!

      He; say again, HE, said!


      In southern California, where I live, where women glow brighter and men plunder more deeply, we have PEOPLE, NOT MOOSES, who do this same thing, don’t you know.





      —– —– —–

      So THERE!!

    1. … now my computer is playing silly b*ggers! …. idyllic surroundings, but the only books to read in my holiday apartment were dystopian novels. It made me wonder about the owners or previous occupants who had left them there – was the place just too perfect, and they wanted to inject a shot of harsh reality? It depressed me for a day, then I stopped reading.

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