doG and Man

A Dog’s Answer To The Meaning  Of  Life.

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The Existence

Watch The Existence Above
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Director: Marcin Koszalka | Producer: HBO CE OTO Film Studio
Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2007 | Story Teller’s Country: Poland

Synopsis: A famous Polish actor, 80-year-old Jerzy Nowak (featured in “Schindler’s List”, directed by S. Spielberg and Andrzej Wajda) decided that after death his body should not be buried, but used for the benefit of science. The documentary shows the process of making that decision, the actor’s dilemmas and important thoughts about death. In catholic countries – like Poland – the documentary will be controversial if only for its subject matter. This Polish actor is terminally ill and wants to tell the story from the perspective of a dying man. As an actor he wants to play his last role, at the same time the first leading one, and explain why he decided to donate his body to science. Personal, ironic, and often positive themes in the context of a fundamental, thought-provoking, taboo raising discussion. The film treats its subject in a way which is innovative even on the world scale.

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Yes, I’m obsessed with death!!  Having BEEN there, I’m entitled to speculate.  All I know is that each day is a blessing.  Even the “bad” days.  If I ever get information to the contrary, I’ll let you know.  But for now, here’s an interesting viewpoint from the watchtower in the Yenne Velt.


2 thoughts on “doG and Man

  1. I decided to donate my body to science after my death because of my rare disease. It wasn’t a very hard decision. Who wants my dead body anyway, other than scientists right? So I set about calling to find out who those scientists would be. It didn’t seem like it would be a terribly difficult question. So I called one of the scientists who is a top expert in my disease and asked him if he wanted my body. No, he said, thanking me. Nor did he know of research in the field being done. No wonder it’s incurable!!

    That, TD, is the ULTIMATE! In rejection. Hah!

    1. My son-in-law’s father [?] has Gaucher’s disease, with a similar problematic prognosis. He’s been in a “study group” for thirty years. A good man, the father; although my daughter divorced him [the son], with good cause.

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