Hard Rock. Paperwork. But No Scissors

All is well.

The shortest story is that I had food poisoning.  I wasn’t drinking enough water.  So all the blood test results were askew.  The TIA may or may not be have been “real’.  Maybe I was dizzy because of the sleepiness.  Maybe not.  But with my history of everything, my complaints were understandable.

So I haven’t eaten well, or slept well, or drank enough for several days.  But nothing is “wrong”.  I really think I “know” my body.  I DON’T drink enough. for example.  Since my stroke my bladder feels like the size of a pea.  I only drink when I think I can get to a urinal.  Other idiosyncratic symptoms abound.

Over the course of a few weeks, all will be fine.  But I need to sleep A LOT.  A lot of small, meatless meals.  See the doc weekly.  And keep testing my blood.   Or tasting my blood, for those “Twilight” readers.  {Fang you very much for appreciating my pun-ctures!!]


AFTERNOTE.  When I was on the gurney, in the ER, my room had a TV.  I was listining to a 80s rock–roll station.  Doobey Bros.  CSNY.  Creedence Clearwater.  All of a sudden, lights are flashing, and “whoopers” were whooping.  And three nurses came running into my room.

Apparently, my dancing in my bed, and singing softly, [well…energetically]  had over-oxygeneted my blood.  Were we all laughing soooo fucking hard!!!

Even in death…   …   …there is life.


8 thoughts on “Hard Rock. Paperwork. But No Scissors

  1. Thank God you are ok.

    Have I ever told you how much I like the taste of blood? Twilight is kids stuff. True Blood is more my…style. Tearing the flesh from your neck, loving every warm rich taste. There is even a wearwolf whos temp run really hot. Makes for the most delicious feast

  2. That’s pretty hilarious!!

    “Oh black water, keep on rollin’. Mississippi moon won’t you keep on shinin’ on me….”

    Food poisoning’ll do that to you. My advice: veganism. Avoiding all that meat and fish will substantially reduce your acquaintance with those bacteria.

    [Stepping out of my activist garb.] Okay, do what you want; just stay healthy and keep writing funny stuff!!


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