Science, Religion, And God

Due Nota Benes

  • Uno – Actually, I was looking for references to the “Foundations of American Political Conservatism” in order to make a post about what I believe will be an historic 2012 election.   At the same time, I’m preparing a lecture on the juxtapositions between science and religion.  Are they compatible, but different, belief systems?  Are they diametric opposites to explain everything?  Exciting discussions will evolve.

Along the way, I got a bit of peanut butter in my jelly jar, as it were.  And found a video about the demonstrators at historic Hyde Park, London.  Which I’ll write on next week.

  • Due – At first, the  report came to a sticky mess; from which I’m desperately to extricate myself.  Cerebrally, as it were.  Intellectually.   Gastronomically too!!  I am drawn to sweets…   …   …innocuous confections with little nutritional value.   Where’s Joy [Of Cooking] when you need her?  Should I be switching sieves?   Am I re-straining myself?  Thank God for Cinna-bon-mots!!

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Anyway, for a start, watch the following 20 minute movie, which lays out a path from biological science, through neuro-scientific research, to religious experiences, to consciousness.   Is this The Ultimate Truth?

View This Video Link; Here….

Peter Russell — Science and God

In this professionally video taped presentation, Peter Russell starts with the hard problem of consciousness – why do we have an inner world of experience? Diving into his eye, and into his mind, we enter a surreal world in which we discover that all we ever know directly are the forms and images arising in the mind. But, he asks, where does consciousness itself come from? Has conventional science got it wrong? Peter explores the mystery of consciousness from two perspectives – the mystery of its origins from matter, and the mystery of the “I”, the self. Shot in high-quality digital, this production utilizes animation and innovative post-production to create an exciting experience that takes the viewer to the heart of the emerging new paradigm on human consciousness.

Other discussions will follow to flesh out the report.   Keep tuned in.  Good advice in all situations.  Being “tuned in”, I mean!

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One thought on “Science, Religion, And God

  1. As wonderfully produced as this video may be, Russell scarcely begins before he falls into the same trap as so many others: attempting to explain how the “inner world”, i.e., a reflection of the outer world, comes about. This — the so-called “hard problem of consciousness” — can never be solved because it is a bogus problem, an artifact of absent-mindedness. Moreover, the new paradigm Russell points to is the oldest of old paradigms, the idea that things are intelligible because they are themselves constituted (even in one billionth part) by intelligibility. “In the beginning was the Word…” Sorry, this is yet another iteration within the well-worn circuit of the semantic complex. Thank you for linking my blog where I discuss the theory put forward by Leslie Dewart in his book *Evolution and Consciousness* which articulates the syntactic alternative to the semantic complex. Finessing the nuances of the projection of consciousness onto the world is never going to solve the “hard problem” because that is it’s self-perpetuating essence; only by withdrawing the projection and taking ownership of the assertiveness of consciousness will we move past the impasse.

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