Tease And Sympathy

[Do I have to even say (sic)?]

My “hunt-and-peck” typing hand, the only utile one I have, the one with the carpel-tunneled wristband on it, has developed bone-spur, or arthritis, or a cyst on pointing finger.  Tests will tell.

Now you were told, many times, NOT to point!!  Look what you’ve done“, is coming back to point at me.

So, I will whine!!

POOR ME.  Poor, poor me.  I try so hard…and fate-just-keeps-throwing- roadblocks-on-my-path.  Whatever shall I do?

That’s enough.  Thanks!!

So I went and bought a new Mac Mini [ain’t it cute] and a Dragon Dictate  [bite your tongue-?] using a student discount card, surreptitiously  “borrowed” from A. Friend.

There’s a necessary learning curve in this endeavor.   A fatal flaw, I feel.  [from the AA Handbook…   …   …Alliterates Anonymous!]  And I’ll need to stop writing for awhile.  I have to learn to use this shit.  Which takes me away from you, my many readers.  Three, at last count!

Just do the math.  One hand, two computers, speaking haltingly to a headset, flicking between two Firefox windows, taxi-dog to dictionary/spell-check…   …   …WHOA…   …   …I’m whining!!

Awareness is a bitch, isn’t she!


6 thoughts on “Tease And Sympathy

  1. Listen, this fresh hell is definitely not from pointing. It’s from that other vile thing you did with those hands from the time you were twelve until you were god knows how old.

    Okay, all seriousness aside: Well, for fuck’s sakes. That just sucks. And I was just getting all wound up feeling sorry for MYSELF.

    It sounds like you’re doing a great thing, though. Dragon Dictate is good stuff, but just as you have gathered, it is definitely not as easy as blathering on and on and on, and then pressing post. I train the thing all the time to my voice, but I find that my voice changes a lot.

    My shrink, who is a huge proponent, suggests creating a few different users….like TDchipper for when you are bright and shiny and sounding good, and TDtired, for…you guessed it. The tired one is especially important because your voice tends to lower an octave or thereabouts, and you speak more slowly, and so on. The good Dragon may not recognize you quite as well in a different state of consciousness. So that’s my $0.02 on that.

    Also, if you find the secret to vocal fluency, let me know.

    Keep on riding that Dragon!


  2. OUCH!

    At our age learning curves are a bitch. You’d think they’d loosen the rules or just let us be… but no. Those damned eternal learning curves.

    My Nana was a distinguished alumnus of Rotary Dial U. Once she was well ensconced into her 3rd Act, she never had to face another learning curve related to her telephone. Lucky her!

    Taxi Dog… Welcome to the Mac world, you’re gonna like it here!

    1. First act in “Macinalia”, I lost my ‘finder’. 2 and 1/2 days later, I discovered that “Forced Quit” was not an anti-labor union slogan, but a COMMAND!! I have several things that look like disc drives on my screen that may or not be important, and should or should not be deleted, or ‘trashed’, or downloaded, or spotlighted, [spot-enlightened??].


      Instead, I’m getting a tablet. A cuneiform tablet!!!!


      1. Whatever you do… DO NOT TOUCH the “several things that look like disc drives” on your desktop. The one I have on my desktop is labelled “Mac Hardrive” (named thankfully by the sweet geek who transfered the contents of my corrupted PC hardrive (my life… my life!) onto my Mac hardrive). It sounds like you might need to invest in an hour’s worth of Geek Squad 1 on 1 help… they can put all the vital stuff in one out of the way place for you… phew!

      2. You’re laughing at me in your usual way and, in spite of it all, I’m laughing too. Well, I myself don’t need no steenking äggstockar neither… … …neener neener, Girl!

        He; say again, HE, said!


        In southern California, where I live, where women glow brighter and men plunder more deeply, we have PEOPLE, NOT MOOSES, who do this same thing, don’t you know.




        —– —– —–

        So THERE!!

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