Dennis Prager On The 2012 Election

I don’t like to write about politics.  But I have to.  At least some of the time.  I’ve lost friends over little differences.  Good friends.  Over little differences.

So when I stopped being a Democrat during the Gore/Bush election, it was a culture shock, a paradigm shift.  I raised my kids to be good Democrats.  One is a liberal teacher.  The other is a fervent Obama supporting knitting shop owner.  I’m persona-non-Grata dinner guest in my own home.  Yes, they treat me with love and respect.  But there’s an “edge” I wish wasn’t there.

And, yes, I’ve read “The Righteous Mind” , in which this University of Virginia, Johnathon Haidt, a neuroscientist, shows how liberals and conservatives are neither right nor wrong,,,   …   …just different!

He describes the differences.  He recounts his experiences in academe:  the hostility to his research from otherwise “neutral” reviewers.

…but especially…

So it is with some reticence that I come out of the closet, as it were, about my political leanings.  Even joyous taxi dogs have to mark their territory from time to time, and I am a Conservative doggie.  Not Russian Wolfhound, with his head in the air.  Not a barking Chihuahua, biting at your heels.  Not the sagging-jowled bloodhound of Looney-Toons, wondering “Which way did he go, which way did he go. duh?!  Just a thoughtful psychotherapist-writer-citizen who thinks America has gone a bit too far “left”.

And thoughtful, conscious, passionate, liberal-minded people like me have no better spokesmen than Dennis Prager. [ ]

Here’s a sample of his views.

Please listen before you disagree.

Later, if you want, we’ll talk.



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