The Two Men With The Three Names [Part 2]

Dave’s death became a marker for my life.

My dreamer’s mind had brought me the story of “Jonah“..  And I thought I needed to memorialize it.


I would BE less docile, less accepting.  I would speak speak out.  Take responsibility.  “Life Is Short”, the poster states, and the poster is right.  So I changed my name.

Jonah [the coward, the whiner, the sailor, the prophet] runs from his obligations.  Is afraid of his power.  And runs.  And he learns that his actions have consequences.  Running away doesn’t work.  Facing UP is the only way OUT.   In the biblical story, Jonah throws himself into the sea, taking responsibility for his action.  And learns an onerous [and odorous] lesson.  Floundering at sea, just for the halibut,

SMELT Funny To Me!!

“Cod” Himself summons him to Nineveh.   And he finally does what he is suppose to do.  Influence people.   But still he whines…   …   …”the sun is too hot”…   …   …”where’s the water”…   …   …”why haven’t you invented the ‘Frigidaire‘ yet”…   …   …yada yada yada.  And He comes along, after all of Jonah’s whining, and He says, “Look, dude.  What do you want from me!!  Just do your work already”.

I was already in my mid-30’s before I learned this lesson.  Learn who you are…   …   …and be it.

I don’t always live up to my words.  It IS hard to do.  But each day, [well, most days] I’m reminded who I am.  And that itself is a gift.


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