A Weighty Slogan


4 thoughts on “A Weighty Slogan

  1. Oh how I wish this were true in society. Its a true statement, but I really believe it is the last thing people are allowed to make fun of or criticize out in the world.
    These things exsist, but it is not ok to make fun of people because of their race, sexual preference, mental abilities, religious choices, deformaties……………………………….but man, is it still ok to call someone fat? You better believe it! Fat people are picked last, they are looked down upon, they get bad service, bad tables at restaurants. Their clothes are ugly and made cheaply cause who wants to design them? They are considered stupid, lazy and with absolutly no tolerance. Tolerance that everyone else gets to have. Fatties get NONE! I believe its even worse for women.
    Also, if a fat person goes into a new social situation, he/she is ignored. Who wants to mingle with the fat person? what could he/she possibly offer in the way of friendship or conversation?

    This is so sad.

    1. Please don’t get me wrong…really, please…but I love you. You are the most outrageous, outspoken person who exists in my life and my life would be colorless without you.

      I’ve been fat. My fatness never bothered you and I’m thankful for that. But for women…hell yes…the pressure to look good!!

      But you…You were and are a bombshell of a woman and always will be: regardless of age, size, eye shadow, hair color, speed, strength, forehand, backhand, tennis shorts, or a tutu…[and I don’t mean Desmond!!]…you’re unique.

      Rage at the world!! And I’ll rage at the world with you.


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