The Song-And-Dance Men

Still on holding, but “getting there”.  The music, any music, saves me. 

Its free. 



4 thoughts on “The Song-And-Dance Men

      1. The gauntlet is TOSSED!

        Yeah… fuck smooth jazz. AND…
        This is NOT smooth jazz… clean out that wax, fella!

        Mellow, chilled, spot-on production… hmmm, does that make Chet Baker smooth jazz, huh, huh?!?

        Take THAT, LA LA Laddy!!!

      2. I relent…Chet Baker’s story…his rise and fall…is classically sad. But his music… … …Ahhh, wonderful!

        Peder mentions Fela in his performance…in the names he sings out. So we’re still in a draw.

        Just keep trucking!


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