Trying To Get My Groove Back

Maybe Big Chico and the Shufflers will help lighten me up.  Or further me down.  Eeyore!


5 thoughts on “Trying To Get My Groove Back

  1. You seemed to disappear for a while, or perhaps my WordPress feed was just messed up. I’m so very happy to see you again. And really, Eeyore is such a valuable reminder for everyone. Yes, he seems so sad and hopelessly depressed, but he is content with his little home of sticks, and when it gets knocked over (inevitably), he doesn’t fuss or feet, he just gets on with the business of rebuilding it. He is appreciative of people merely because they notice him, and while his tail falls off so frequently, he never lives in fear of it, knowing that he will always get it back.

    I hope you are well, TD

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