Where to begin…again

I don’t know how military people re-locate!  Maybe they  “march forth”?  I did move in march, and I did do it “by the numbers”.  But it was a retreat into madness.

[There I go with the puns already.  Geesh!!  I can’t stop being myself.  Oh well.]

Even my two cats, who groom each other daily, were at odds with each other.  When they saw the two cat-carriers, they knew something was amiss.  They took off in opposite directions, hissing and clawing at us and themselves.  Keiko, the silent one, has been chewing her belly fur compulsively.  My wife doesn’t want her belly fur chewed and I decided this is not a good time for experimentation of any sort.  Maybe when things  calm down a bit we’ll try again.

Most of the boxes are gone now.  But strange things have gone missing.  There are saveral electrical looking things that must belong somewhere and they don’t seem attached to anything.  And the movers put all the food in the truck last instead of first.  So the teething rings I use to keep my dentures frozen are all mushy.  My shrink, who always takes me so seriously, will listen to this story with apomb and I will only tell her the joke at the end of the session!

It will take several weeks of manic steam for me to get back to the creative explosions of yester-month.  And frankly, I don’t know if I want to go back there again.  Moving, as chaotic as it is, gives you the opporutiny to clean out your intellectual closet.  I want to write fewer, but more potent, focussed words.  At first, the very act of writing was so evigorating that I couldn’t contain the energy.  Then I got into a political vein, a format that was easy to produce into.  Find an issue.  Find a cartoon with a intriguing p.o.v.  Use an article with suppotive information.  And Voila!  I could do that all day.  Like a JOB!!!

But I don’t want a job!

One thing I know I want is to write a famlly history.  When I was packing for the move, I saw a old photo album I had started years ago.  Each photo had a 3×5 index card on which I had written the story of the picture’s event.  Little joys.  Like my daughter’s 11th birthday at Palms Park, when my daughters were still talking to each other.  Or a criuse to Orlando, FL and Nassua, Bahamas.  My grand-father’s journey from Warsaw to Le Harve to Ellis Island.

And a second blog.  Somehow a theme blog.  All my neuroscience reading has focussed me on an as yet [to me, at least] undefined connection in…   …   …information…?  Its all so esoteretic!!  I  hate esoteric!  I don’t expect to find THE wisdom!!  But I am a wisdom seeker.  I always told my kids that its necessary to be open to wisdom.  And knowledge.  They’re different, you know.  “Listen, and you will hear”.  “Look, and you will find”.  You don’t always find the thing you were looking for…but you find something.  Use it…and use get wisdom.

So, I have three weeks of emails to go through, and consider my options, and live my life, complete my neuro report, and get back to you shortly.



3 thoughts on “Where to begin…again

    1. Glad to see you at my new digs. The new place is newer and bigger and cheaper. And I thought that that would make everything right. Buuuuttttt!

      My regular TV doesn’t fit. And I hate to buy a flat screen just to say I bought it. I’m not a cheap-skate…I’ll spend a lot for a good steak…but a TV is just a TV. Grrrr!!

      And there is a lot of wall-space which is good…but I have get new artwork…the old groupings don’t work together. Double-grrr!


      “a whole host others around, still I’m on the wrong side of the road. And it seems like it goes on like this forever. You must forgive me… … …If I’m gone to Carolina in my mind”.

      Where are James Taylor’s calm songs when I need them.

      I’ll be back, albeit slowly. This is a going to be a long row to hoe.


  1. It seems like if anyone has the potential to to ‘begin–again,’ it’s you, as you’ve proven you can do despite incredible odds. Moving always yields a sense of disorientation, but there you, already planning the next 15 things you’d like to do. And, although there are painful parts in Taylor’s songs [and who doesn’t love Taylor??], if you recall in this one, it starts out, “In my mind I’m goin’ to Carolina/Can’t you see the sunshine/Can’t you just feel the moonshine?” Those things are there for you, too, even if it feels like the wrong side of the road. And, yes, everyone does forgive you, if you’ve gone there in your mind while you rebuild once again. Best wishes as always, Candida

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