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From The Manila Times, The Philippines,


Jews, Muslims, Protestants support Catholic Church in fight against Obama HHS mandate

Published : Sunday, February 19, 2012 00:00

WASHINGTON, DC: President Barack Obama has done something that no one has done before in the United States: he has united mainstream religious leaders to act as a force together in opposing his government’s Health and Human Services department’s mandate that infringes on religious freedom and the individual consciences of Americans who are against contraceptives and sterilization.

The Republican Party contenders for the GOP nomination to be the standard bearer against re-electionist Obama in the coming November election, as well as party members, who are usually split into ideological factions, have also been driven into solidarity on the subject of opposing what is known as “Obama’s HHS mandate.”

  • Episcopalian-Anglican, Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Mormon, Jewish and even Muslim ministers, have joined Roman Catholic bishops, priests and laity in appearing at congressional hearings to denounce “Obama’s HHS mandate.”
  • Even pro-contraceptive Roman Catholics and pro-choice/ pro-abortion liberals have spoken up against the mandate in radio and TV talk shows to defend the right of Catholics and other believers’ not to be forced to buy insurance that covers contraception, sterilization and abortion services for persons in their employ.

The mandate issued by the equivalent of the Philippine Department of Health requires all insurance companies—including those owned and run by Catholic organizations and Catholic entrepreneurs—to have policies that cover services forbidden by their religion. The mandate also requires employers who are Catholics, Orthodox Christians and adherents of any religion that forbids contraception, sterilization and abortion, to buy insurance policies with those forbidden services for their employees.

  • This mandate has been denounced by believers as the most anti-religion and religious-conscience law ever insisted on by a government to the American people
  • The reason Jewish rabbis and other non-Catholics are in solidarity with the Catholic prelates and priests is that they fear a future when a law will mandate them to do something against their own religious beliefs.

In a recent House hearing, Catholic Bishop William Lori, chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee on Religious Liberty of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), told the American congressmen that the HHS insurance mandate was similar to an edict requiring all delis — including those owned by Jews — to sell pork to whoever wants to buy it.

He was cheered by Jews and Muslims.

Pork is not kosher to Jews and not halal to Muslims. It is possible that in the Obama administration’s ideological desire to promote sameness and “equality to all Americans” such a law would be imposed.


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