NeuroScience: A Cartoonist’s Take

Re-blogged fromNeuro – Therapy Tales #272

The cartoonist says:  “This one is inspired by an article I was reading on “neuropsychoanalysis”. Now I’m all for the integration of learning between neuroscience and psychotherapy (and have been a-shouting about this excellent book for years) but neurology and psychoanalysis..? Yes, I know Freud was a neurologist, but something so scientific, so evidence-based, combined with something so… well.. not. Despite what some would say and what Freud wanted, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are more art than science. (And I don’t count CBT. Ever. 😉 )”

Ooh, that sounded dangerously like an opinion. So, erm, yeah, whatever. I thought it was interesting. Or summink. Come kick my ass in the comments and tell me why I’m wrong.

“Anyway”, he says, “enough seriousness. We’re about the giggles here. So I reduced this well-written, highly intelligent article to the question “how would a brain look on the couch?” and there you go.”

“What can I say.. it ain’t (rocket) science.”



Good Cartoons!


2 thoughts on “NeuroScience: A Cartoonist’s Take

    1. ?????

      It sounds like an invitation. But to what? A “father and son talk”. A duel of wits? A three day sale at Target? I need a farm-coat, 2X, tan. And I-tunes….jazz and blues.

      “What do you need”, he asked, with Talmudic glee?


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