Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid Scheme


4 thoughts on “Pyramid Scheme

  1. I think the problem has been that many of the dictatorial regimes in the Middle East have been secular, and so when people wanted to fight for their freedom and their religion, they had no place to turn to except for the radical islamist groups. Now that the Egyptians people can take part in democratic elections and choose their own government, that opens up a new, moderate option for Egyptian Muslims.

    1. I don’t mean this to be a personal attack but I think you are naive. There are few “moderate” Egyptian Muslims. Of course there are SOME! But not many. I attended a conference at UCLA last year with some young peace oriented Arab journalists there is much controversy even among them as yo what the right course of action is.

      The only conclusion I could draw is that American shpuld support slow, I say again, slow change.


  2. I guess all we can say for sure is that time will tell. My point is that until now, there just was no moderate option. Now that there is one, I think that we’ll see most Egyptians moving towards that option. But, again, time will tell.

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