Fry, Fry Again

Fry, Fry Again


The Street – “Yesterday Gordon Johnson of Axiom Capital launched coverage of shares of battery maker Polypore(PPO_) — a play on the electric car market – with a sell rating and a $26 price target, representing 54% downside from its opening price on Jan. 30.”  [ ]

The Juneau Empire – “Since its inception in 2009, Alaska’s Renewable Energy Fund has funneled tens of millions of dollars to renewable energy projects across Alaska. To date, 21 projects have been completed and, with the projects in the pipeline, it is estimated that projects funded by the program could save Alaskans 11.6 million gallons of fuel per year in 2016.”  [ ]

Green – “Press reports last fall indicated that Google was dropping its clean-energy initiatives. Wrong. What happened was that the company shut down a small group of engineers who were researching solar power, among other things. The company is still working aggressively on data-center efficiency, procuring clean power for its data centers and investing in clean-energy projects elsewhere, as Needham explained.”  [ ]

Chicago Sun-Times – “Despite skepticism about the viability of solar-component and electric-car battery companies that have gone bankrupt recently, Illinois is proving that firms can create jobs and help the environment with wind turbines and wind farms, alternative-power advocates said Thursday.”   []

I’m no expert on energy but American Business must take risks.  That’s what BUSINESS does!  Risk takers all, we try new things and some of them win.  And some lose. 

What should the role of American Business be? 

Washington’s intrusion in business is polarizing—but most Americans agree that the economy can’t recover without innovative jobs policy

Bloomberg Business Week – “Contrary to what many people might think, governmentrealized that without a massive injection of aid, essential areas of the U.S. economy would be obliterated.”  [ ]

New York Times – “Far from eagerly micromanaging the companies the government owns, Mr. Obama and his economic team have often labored mightily to avoid exercising control even when government money was the only thing keeping some companies afloat.”  []

That is the crux of the argument.  Is the current administration doing enough to strengthen business?  Or is it trying to eviscerate it?  I believe that, left alone, the economy will right [no pun intended] itself.  The Left disagrees.

You make up your mind!  As will I!


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