Be “Nothing”

“everything” is a thing!


be at peace.


Zen Peace [A Story]

When a rebel army swept into a town in Korea, all the monks of the Zen temple fled except for the abbot.

The general came into the temple and was annoyed
that the abbot did not receive him with respect.

“Don’t you know,” he shouted, “that you are looking at a man who can run you through without blinking?”

“And you,” replied the abbot strongly, “are looking at a man who can be run through without blinking!”

The general stared at him, then made a bow and retired.

In my own version of the story, the monk dies!  The lesson?  Every one dies some day!  The important issue is how one LIVES!



4 thoughts on “Be “Nothing”

  1. Beautiful words. It is truly inspiring! All anyone ever wants in their life is peace in their heart. It’s easy to be something, anything. No one can be everything. So, can we strive to be nothing sometimes?

    1. I can’t stop writing. Can’t stop. I feel I could write all day and night. And some nights I’m up all night with little sleep. Like if the muse left me, I wouldn’t be able to re-strart.

      1. Sometimes I wish I had a muse. It’s such a stop – start thing with me. I’m either on or I’m off, like a switch. I have no dimmer. Like Charlie Sheen once said, “I have one gear, GO!”

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