A Neuropsychological Dilemma

In response to my previous post, the leader of the seminar,  sends me this…


I think it may well go better (and easier) if you start with an outline of issues the are relevant to neuroplasticity and living in the modern world.  One was alluded to in yesterday’s discussion: do we need to learn in the same way now that computers and the internet have developed to such an extent.

Another might be how we might use our new knowledge of the way the brain changes and functions to change the way people deal with (and here you can choose any number of political or social issues.)

Or, perhaps, more on neuroplasticity as applied to education, treatment of veterans with post traumatic stress disorder, or maybe inter-community conflicts. 

I think if you can develop a draft outline listing a few areas of interest to you, finding the right references will be much easier, I think, and also it will be easier for me to help you without necessarily dealing with areas not of particular interest to you.

Give it a try and let me know.  [signed]

Well…what’s that supposed to mean?  “…go better (and easier)”  Better for whom?  Easier?  Does he think I need MORE help because I’m handicapped?  @#$%$ him!  I don’t need no pity!  Or am I being ungracious?

And what about this:  “…listing a few areas of interest to you, finding the right references will be much easier”  Isn’t that exactly what I AM doing!  ???

This is so confusing to me!  “Also it will be easier [?]… for me[?]…. to help you[?],… without necessarily dealing with areas not of particular interest to you.”  Huh?  I’m interested in LEARNING [!], you dolt, haven’t you noticed…we’re in a school!

Why do I have to do all this translating?  I need to control my frustration.  But why can’t people just say what they mean?  Do I need this all by myself? 

Geeeesh!!!  Give  —  Me  —  A  —  Break!


7 thoughts on “A Neuropsychological Dilemma

    1. Thanks for your support. I’m always thinking its MY fault…I’m too sensitive, ya know! Just lay it out for me…clearly. If I’m wrong, mistaken, whatever, TELL me!

      After all I’ve already been through…what, my feelings are going to be hurt? Grrrrrrr!!!!

      1. I despise people who lie and deceive me because they “didn’t want to hurt me”. It’s crap. Yes, I’m sensitive. But, I’m a big girl. I can handle it.

  1. Well, aside from repeating himself…my first (and second thought) was, WTH? The problem isn’t on your side…it sounds like the seminar leader has this canned reply he sends to everyone because he’s too lazy to actually have a meaningful conversation with those who ask questions.

    (BTW, I love the word dolt. 10 pts to you!)

    1. Actually, I think HE was trying to protect ME. Poor, handicapped student that I am. Boo Hoo, boo hoo. Either way, its grad. extension class. He can’t HURT me…well, maybe with kindness.

      I’ll keep you posted on my blog.

      My blog. That has a nice ring to it.


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