An Un-Illuminated Manuscript

UN-Illuminated Manuscrpts

But they’re in the process of being illuminated.  I’m just in the beginning stages of each post.  Hopefully I’ll remember to complete them.

Am I becoming more manic?  Time will tell!

1- The Man In The Iron Lung

2- Is Conversation A Lost Art?

3- Koan And Katz

4- Fear And Loathing In Psychology

5- Zen Is Boring!

6- Sit Down And Shut Up!

7- Blogging Too Complicated?

8- In The Event Of My Death

9- Doctor My Eyes

10- Its Bach-y-Rita’s Helmet, But Its Cheryl’s Tongue

11- Chemay!!!

12- A Matter Of Loaf And Death

13- “Left” Gets It Right. “Right” Is Right.  So Who’s Left?

14- My Political Compass

15- Camiile

16- Medical And Mystical

17- Malthus Was Wrong Says Both Right And Left, And Wrong!


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