Alligator Feet (An Idea That Went Nowhere)

“As Oscar Wilde should have said, when bad ideas have nowhere else to go, they emigrate to America and become university courses”
Frederic Raphael


—–     —–     —–


This post should have gone away by itself.  Died an ignominious death.  Gone to an ‘elephants graveyard’ of ‘never forgots’.  [Now that was a pun on a pun.  Cool!]

It all started as an idea about my bad circulation.  In brief, my right side is paralyzed due to a stroke and my feet get discolored.  Grey and scaly.  Thus, “alligator feet”.

But apparently, the are very many people who are embarrassed by their feet.  The internet, as I haved learned, is choked with such complaints.  Which leaves me with nothing new to say.

Well that’s not good!  I wasted my writing time and produced nothing? !  I’ll be damned if that will be the end of the matter!  So I guess I’ll stuff it down your throat rather than show you my frustation.

Its not pretty! But its my “not pretty” and I’ll take the consequences.

And so…my “Idea That Went Nowhere”!

—–     —–     —–

Let’s take a look at Alligator Feet!

Channel 10, WALB, South Georgia, reports “Food Bank distributes alligator feet to the hungry”:

  • The Second Harvest Food Bank of South Georgia say they saw a 70 percent increase in the amount of food they were distributing in their 30 county area, and they are now maxed out. But they say the need continues to grow.

The web’s premiere natural history store, The Bone Room,, specializes in natural science and all things once living.

  • Alligator Feet Keychains
    Alligator mississipiensis
    Genuine alligator foot with split key ring.
    Approximately 2.5″ – 3″ in length

Lucky Mojo  is both an online magic shop and a real magic store that you can visit. We carry a full line of hand-made spiritual supplies.

  • The use of alligator feet as gamblers’ lucky charms seems to be an American notion, for alligators are indigenous to the Americas, although the “clutching hand” resembles on a larger scale the appearance of the Lucky Hand root, a distinctively African-American gambler’s charm.

And that’s when I finally gave up the ghost.

Such is The Loneliness Of The Frustrated Blog Writer!


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