I’ve Been Thinking…

I’ve been thinking about what to with this blog.

I’ve enjoyed playing the manic blogger.  I can write all day.  And I really mean all day long.  10:00 AM to 2:00 AM with a few breaks, of course; and dozens hundreds of misspellings a day, filled with puns, and song lyrics, and literary references, a boyhood memories, and political opinions, and more.  I didn’t know I could do it but I”m AM doing it!

But I’m also learned a bit about limits. The inner cost of my mania is exciting, exhausting, unnerving, disturbing,… humbling.  Yes, humbling.  I am humbled by power of the words. Not my words; the power of word making itself.  I don’t want that much power.  I have always, since my teens, thought that the story of Ferdinand the Bull was my totem.  I was athletically strong and fast.  But I wanted the flowers.  I could move your furniture in the morning,  and write you a poem in the afternoon, and make love to you all night.  There I go, doing it right now!

But I am an old bull now!  In the nighttime, my wife and I sleep all cuddled up in an Norman Rockwell painting so cloying you could [קלויינג] plotz!  But we’ve earned it.

Another thing that writing does to me, and I feeling it right now, is how much it overstimulates me.  Describing this experience more?  Isn’t this enough?  Can’t I modulate?  I’ve been broadcasting mega-decibels.  Gigawatts!   See!!! I can hardly stop.  That’s my assignment.



For today, It is enough.

And, lest you forget:

—–     —–     —–

My aphasic friend, REDOABLE, advises me to indicate the length of time in each post.  This one started in 9:57 AM.  Its now 11:55.08 AM.  I’m taking another nap.



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