‘Longer Than I Thought’ Course On American Politics

"We All Have To Choose"

I’m not finished with the William P. Meyers’ article yet.  Mr. Meyers’ see himself as one who has been protecting democracy from the aristocratic, conservative, forces of Corporatism and Oligarchy.

One could make an equally strong case for the dangers of Governmentalism.  I won’t harangue you with the old arguments:  left/right, poor/rich, corporate/individual, progressive/conservative.  No ‘ad hominems’ from me.

What I am trying to tell you is that there are many countervailing forces in America.  They congeal into two political parties, but the intra-party struggles are as rowdy as are the inter-s.  The Speaker of the House, the Senate Whip, keep order {Hah!!}, such as it is.  And the result of all this chaotic discussion and argumentation IS “Democracy”.

All I want to say in this post is that we should avoid vituperation,  Don’t add gasoline to the already flaming fire.  Mr. Meyers is right/correct.  Don In Massachusetts is right/correct.  And I am right too, although I’m just right of center.

There’s an old story.  You’ve heard it a hundred times.  And its lesson still  applies:

Max and Isaac come to the Rabbi’s study to settle a dispute.  The Rabbi’s wife is also seated in the room.

Max explains his complaint to the Rabbi:  the story is such and so, and he has to do this and he has to do that.  He gives a fine account and argues his case clearly. The Rabbi declares, “You’re right, Max.”

Next, Isaac presents his side.  He speaks with such passion and persuasion that the Rabbi says to him, “You’re right, Isaac.”

After they leave, the Rabbi’s wife is distraught and says to her husband, “They have conflicting stories.  How can you say that both of them are right?  When one wins, the other must lose.”

The Rabbi thinks long and hard and finally says to his wife,

“You know, you’re right too.”

—–     —–     —–

We’re stuck together in an amalgam called “America”.  Although he may have been ‘challenged;, Rodney King was asking the right question: “Why can’t we all just get along”?

Tomorrow, our conclusion.

—–    —–     —–

Other viewpoints in the problem follow, below:


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