New Days Resolutions

One day at a time, I say.  A year is too long a commitment.

I want to balance my brain’s accounts.  I also want to write more seriously.  Not scholarly.  That’s boring.  But I have stories to tell.  Of my youth.  Of my family’s journey to the new world.  About my political beliefs.

I want to collect the “comments” I make on WordPress.  They are the best of me:  outrageous puns, apocryphal stories, loving encouragements.  I don’t want to lose that voice.  But even that voice exhausts me.  I’m always checking to see if the spelling is right. The grammar.

I don’t even mean the aphasia.  I’m at piece with it.  I write 100  words, take a nap.   Another 100 words, another nap.  Slow and steady wins the race, right.  And I do.  Write, that is!  I wrote a non-sense poem for my daughter once.  She still enjoys it.  Not a masterpiece, but worth keeping.

I can’t be crazy all the time.  I’m learning about neuroscience.  New findings about brain and mind.  I’ve always been interested in that.  Meditation.  The strange phenomenon of sleep.  So ordinary, and mysterious at the same time.

But my creativity is all wrapped up in manic energy.  Could I write seriously on Monday, politically on Tuesday, scientifically on Wednesday.  Mindfully on Thursday?  Thoughtfully on Friday?  Crazily on Saturday?  Religiously on Sunday?

And what about next week?  Its sounding like work!  I don’t want work.

At this rate, I’ll be making New Years resolutions for 2015!

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6 thoughts on “New Days Resolutions

  1. Hi Taxi Dog,

    Thank you for your interest in our little straw bale hotel. To answer your questions:

    No, we don’t sell them. No, we do not promote their construction we’re building a hotel with straw bales. No, we are not political. And no we are not particularly green.
    We thought we are smart, actually.
    It is not very difficult to imagine where all these oil producing countries will have kicked the oil price within the next ten years.
    We thought, if we build a house which needs no heating even if it is situated on 1300 meters in the Alps, it would only provoke a smile on our lips if the price for a gallon of diesel hits 15$.

    The idea by the way comes from America (as so often), from Nebraska to be precise…and it is over 150 years old.

    We wish you and your family a very happy New Year 2012.

    Greetings from Switzerland


  2. I’d love to read all of your stories. And I don’t know if you have to make it as structured as subjects delegated to each day. Go with the flow. Make a bucket list of every subject you want to touch on. Because, I can’t wait to read all about it!

    You bring out a lovely quality in me. You tell stories that remind me of the reason why I do anything. Out of love and passion. I have so much love and sometimes I forget that it’s there. You make me nostolgic and remind me that nostolgia can be a wonderful thing!

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