Categories and Tags – Redux

I got it now.  Adding “tags” to posts allows other posters to notice you.  This is the way you find friends on WordPress.  Or other blogging  sites.

Want to be in contact with others of similar interest?   Press the :Follow” button after searching for “Topics”.   Comment and respond to others with similar tags.  And you’ve got an audience and friends.

Adding “categories” is different.  Categories are an internal filing system for your own posts.  I’ve seen bloggers load up on ‘categories’  like they were famished wedding crashers at a smorgasbord,   How can you eat when your hands are filled with plates?  What to read first?

Its taken me 6 weeks to learn this.  Somebody should tell WordPress.  I’d do it myself, but I’m busy with the deviled eggs.


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4 thoughts on “Categories and Tags – Redux

  1. I’ve been with WordPress for six months now, and three blogs later, I have this to say. Going into it, no new blogger really has an idea about their file system. I know I have to clean mine up, really badly. Bipolar Inspirations has a great file system because I goofed Pendulum’s up so badly.

    But, it’s also hard at the time to identify the major themes. The major thread is the monologue. That’s all I went in knowing. It has actually taken a blog and blogging community to identify the themes for me.

    I know my next cleanup step is tags and categories.

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