I’m “Right”!

i’ve been blogging about shame for several days.  and out of the blue comes “Don Of Massachusetts” with an unintended proposition.  add a option for me to opine my political beliefs.  i’ve written about stigma before.  the shame.  relief when we acknowledge our selves. on the level of our individual selves, the feelings are the same.

so here goes.

**i am a Conservative**

before you judge me, read this brief correspondence with “Don”.  I wrote:

wow. a cool older guy. like me. what is fortuitous about our having met is that i was thinking about adding some political opinions to my site. just yesterday, actually.

i am a retired psychotherapist. retired, unwillingly, due to a stroke. you can read my ‘about’. i am politically aware, but i have conservative leanings.


don’t shoot! i’m not a red-necked, gun tooting, anti-communist arch enemy of freedom. puleese!!! if there were a dozen political parties, i would be right of center. but i’m no Nazi.

i just think that economic behaviour has rules that work like a fine Maserati car. it works best when we don’t f@@k with it. beyond that, i’m always open for discussion.

i’d love to be in touch with you. i’ll laugh with your cartoons and maybe comment on them. responsibly, of course. respectfully.

don’t shun me. conservatives bleed. we have feelings. just different ones

“Don” and i will talk.  or not.

but i’m out of the closet now, aren’t i!


Comments respectfully requested:

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