“I Write Like J. D. Salinger” – Ya Think?

Expanding  on  yesterday’s  post….


At first, I said  “What A Maroon”.   Me?   J. D. Salinger?   But I read about his life and works…and its pretty close to what I feel about life.   Holden’s life.

Salinger had war-time PTSD.  I had a stroke.  And hypo-mania.  He was a hermit.  I sit in a wheelchair, blogging 500 words a day.  On good days.  Similar/dissimilar.  I’m gregarious but, like The Black Bird, I have a sinister side inside.



Its just a cheap shot of a post, but it interested me.  Of more interest is this true anecdote that just happened.

Its Thanksgiving today.  My wife is in the kitchen.  I’m typing.  I get a yell from her.  “Come Over Here.  I Need You.”  I wheel myself over to the wheelchair, unsteadily.   “Which end of the turkey do you put the stuffing in,” she asks?   The look I give her is the same look Wylie Coyote gives to the audience, just before he falls into the Grand Canyon.  I’ll be laughing ’til Christmas.


Comments respectfully requested:

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