Argh! Boo Hoo! And Fuck You!

I am almost in tears.  I started a post about the blogging process kepling [sic] me get closer to God.  I’m entering the image below.  And my computer freezes up.  But I have a back-up.  Ive lost it once already.

And I had a Bible verse I was going to include.  And I was trying to include it, but it was in Hebrew.  So I figured out how to the HTML to format it.   I accomplished it, after an hour.  And then lost it again.  You see it?  Its cool.

So with my one eyed writing, and one handed typing, and my aphasic inability to use labuage like I used to, I’m exhaused!  Ehausted!  Shit!!!!  Isn’t it exhausted?  Oh, see, but it took me three times to get the word right.

And I was using Google on one Firefox tab to find a phrase…at heaven’s door.  So on another tab I’m listebing to ‘Johnnie Maestro and The Brooklyn Bridge”s rendition of ‘Step By Step’, on utube.  And my computer freezes up again!

But I’m still here!  I want to kill someone.  My wife is handy.  In the day, I’d rant at her.  But I’m older and more chastized now.  [Fuck!!!  I’m just going to writee like a madman now.  Let the Devel take the hindmost!!!!  Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Where the fuck was I??????

Well…it would have been a beutiful post [fuck you].  But this blog is about process.  My own psychodtnanic process, the creative process, the blogging process, ….


Note to myself…I need to make a macro that puts “[sic]” into my posts.  This is getting so frustrating. Now I need to learn how to use macro’s.  Fuck again.  And again.  And again.

see below


Comments respectfully requested:

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