I Write Parenthetically

because i think that way, that’s why.   one thing leads to another; and i’m off on another thought stream more interesting than the last. 

i know i make it read difficult to read me.  you have to get right behind me or you’ll miss the bus.   I’m like the little child you thought you just left right there and, OMG, where is he off to now?   like that child, i wander.  like Batman’s Robin, i am a boy wonder – ing.

having said that…   …   …   my curiosity has lead me to many interesting things.    i’ve been at right place at the right time in my life so often, i kinda trust my instincts.    So, if you don’t mind, i’ll continue to do that, and hope you will find my wanderings educational.

Like the ‘mohel’ said to my father, “It couldn’t hoit”.

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2 thoughts on “I Write Parenthetically

  1. I feel like I’m similar in the respect that I have seemed to end up at the right place at the right time. My instincts are keen when my emotions aren’t involved. Well, more like when love isn’t blinding me. Even then, my instincts nag. They insist.

    And as for wandering, I think it’s great. I do it in my written journal more than here. But the wanderlust of the mind generates so much. Cause, effect. Stimulus, behavior, stimulus, behavior – etc.

    And I just got distracted by a guy who is disco dancing in the middle of the sidewalk downtown. Okay then.

    1. Playing hookey? You’re supposed to be at school! [he he]
      Once, during a professional association meeting, I gleefully told everyone that I was in love with all my patients. I know what it: deep affection toward their predicament. Their shock was in their heads, not mine. I stand by my statement.
      I love everybody. At First. I can tolerate any emotion for a bit. I am Ferdinand The Bull. Smelling flowers. Quick to act.
      Hurt in love? Been there. Done that.

      stimulus, behavior – etc

      On roller skates? with a boombox? it was ME !!

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