The Origin Of The Taxi Dog

At the moment I’m learning how to ‘comment’ on WordPress.  I’m making it difficult.  There’s nothing stopping me from me from commenting.  I think.  Its just that something  struck me in the right vein when I saw the ‘taxi dog’ ‘s picture years ago, and I had to comment on that.  I always write, and think, parenthetically.  Like that.

I was at Walenbooks [long gone] in Century City, CA, looking thru the ‘clearance’  stand, and there it was!   On a note card.  I wasn’t looking for a note card.  Hypo-manics buy stuff.  Little stuff, in my case, mercifully, because I don’t make BIG purchases.   Tarot cards; because try were pretty.  12 bucks.  Unnecessary stuff  Like that.

Anyway,  so I’m looking at this little note card, and it has a picture on it.  Only later did I learn that it was The Taxi Dog.  From “The Adventures Of The Taxi Dog”, a beloved children s book.  There’s a video on Vimeo…   …   ….  [I’m learning how to post links too…I’m too persistent, I should be napping…I’m told by my neurologist that I should…but, noooo.  And NO!   Anyway.]

So, again, there is a video with Levar Burton and Vincent Gardenia [from the movie ‘MoonStruck‘] reading it, and   …   you’ll see.  The book, the dog, is filled with joie de vire.   Panting with excitement, agape with astonishment, wind blowing his face,  alive!  And, in my best moods, I’m like that.  This the blog is about living like that. As a unmedicated hypo-maniac.  If I can.  For as long as I can. As long as no one gets hurt.  Especially me.

The antonymous image is of Bride of Frankenstein:   “Alive! Alive!” <>

And really, I do have to go.  Stroke-survivor is my moniker and my epitaph.    There are a lot of loose ends on this post and I would like keep to going.    I know I won’t remember everything.  I won’t.

Later I find out I need the premium WordPress to use Vimeo.   Oh well.   At least I didn’t waste too much time on it.  Just a whole day!


Comments respectfully requested:

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