Now I Need To Slow Down

Now I need to slow down.  I’m driving on the inter-state at 100 mph.  Metaphorically, of course!  Yes, I’m aware of it.  I’m hypo- manic.  I’m aware of everything.   If I were green, I’d be ‘GUMBY, DAMMIT’!!.  So the first thing I to do, ssslooowww dowwwnnn.

Which is hard to do. Right now,  I’m playing ‘Jeopardy’ on the TV.  [The Final Jeopardy category was Childrens’ Literature. The answer; I got it right, was “Heidi”]   In my right hand, I have the remote control.  In our house we call it The Plunker; in honor of Froggy of the old Andy Devine children’s TV show.  To get Andy to leave the stage, he would say to Froggy ‘Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy, and the frog would disappear in a puff of smoke.  Poor Andy Devine.  Froggy always got Andy’s goat.  Frogs and goats and flexible plastic toys and Swiss misses.  And hot chocolates?  This is the magic of the manic mind.  Connection, connection, connection, into exhaustion.

In my other hand, …   …   …, but I only have one hand!  I’m paralyzed, remember?  The ‘other hand’ is useless.  Like manic energy, powerful, but uncoordinated.

With that other hand, I’m hunting and pecking along my keyboard; blogging today’s post.  It is said that God gives only things you already know how to handle.  I’ve have to stop writing because I physically have to.  My hand is cramping.

 Thank God I have to stop.  Thank God I can!

I think post may not make sense to you.  But it has accomplished its mission.  I’m calm now.  I can watch “Dancing With The Stars” without ‘ants in my pants’.  I’ll sleep well tonight. 

One day at a time.  Shop’s closed for the night.


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